2:59am October 21, 2014

My lord, you told me you would tell the rest,
When weeping made you break the story off,
of our two cousins coming into London.

With this particular York, that line is very believable.

2:48am October 21, 2014

"As brittle as the glory is the face!" And he chucks the mirror across the room.

This guy has somehow managed to work the angry Richard thing into a very heartbreaking deposition scene. He’s putting on a show for Bolingbroke, going, “look what you’re doing to me, to England, you should be ashamed of yourselves” like Whishaw and Tennant, but he also doing the shouty thing, and it’s just working oh so well.

2:42am October 21, 2014

So a lot of how this deposition scene is working, Richard rises up into fierce anger, and then falls back into sorrow.

He bellows “No lord of thine, thou haught insulting man” at Northumberland. And then goes quiet and “Nor no man’s lord; I have no name, no title” is realisation.


2:40am October 21, 2014

Someone hug Richard already.

2:37am October 21, 2014

Wow, the histrionics here, this is amazing.

"mine eyes are full of tears, I cannot read"

Well, now so are mine.

2:33am October 21, 2014

*inarticulate wailing*

"mark me how I will undo myself" is the key line for this deposition scene.

2:29am October 21, 2014

"God save the king!"
Someone in the court coughs
"will no man say ‘amen’?

2:26am October 21, 2014

Richard is wearing black, mourning, for the deposition scene. It almost looks like a burial shroud.

This is so so good, you guys.

2:23am October 21, 2014

Yay, shouty Carlisle!

After all that stuff with Bolingbroke and York, Carlise is really doing a Thing here.

As a clergyman he probably has a little more leeway than York to speak against kings and presumed kings, but still, this is not going to end well for him and he knows it, but he’s speechifying anyway.

2:22am October 21, 2014

Nooo, they cut out the gage flinging scene!